The Dead Silent Boxset

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The game is death. The winner takes all.

When Harvey Stone is blackmailed with photos of him killing a man, there is only one path he can take - he must leave no loose ends.

But when Harvey finds the blackmailer is a desperate teenage girl with a kidnapped mother and no-one to turn to, the rules change - the game is on.

Find the girl’s kidnapped mother, kill the men who took her, or risk exposure to the world.

Harvey’s freedom is the prize, and the challenge is a daring hunt for the two kidnappers. Can he find the killer inside him? Will he risk everything he has? And can he win a game he wished he had never played?

Set in the back streets of East London, this crime novella is a fast-paced story of suspense, action and mystery, that delves into the complex mind of a killer and the knife-edged balance of right and wrong.

The Killing Game is the opening novella of a brand-new crime series from J.D. Weston, author of The Silent Man series, The Stone Cold Thriller series, and The Frankie Black Files. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child and Michael Connolly.