The J.D. Weston Advanced Reader Team

Coming Jan 2021

Shame killed his sister. Gangsters buried his past. Now they’ll pay in blood.

Harvey Stone knows the murder business like the back of his hand. He's honed his skills on society's scum, and as the adopted son of a crime boss, he’s had plenty of time to perfect his bloody craft. Now, he’s one hit away from avenging his sister’s brutal murder. All he's missing is the name of her killer—a secret his closest allies are finally ready to reveal. 

To claim his reward, Harvey must eliminate the rival gang and assassinate their ruthless leader while evading a task force set on locking him up. If he pulls off the mission and exacts his revenge, he’ll lay down his bloody weapons for good, but failure will lead to torture, death, and an all-out gang war. 

Stone Cold is the first book in the gripping Stone Cold Thriller series. If you like savage criminal underworlds, fast-paced action, and intense characters, then you’ll love J.D. Weston’s shocking quest for revenge. 

Fans of hard, fast, and brutal action thrillers, if you're looking for a new thriller series like Reacher, Bourne or Milton, then look no further. Start your Stone Cold adventure now.

Buy Stone Cold and get inside the mind of a killer today.

The Advanced Reader Team

If you have reached this page, you might be wondering what my Advanced Reader team is. 

In short, it is a team of individuals who enjoy my books and would like to be part of the J.D. Weston team. 

Members of the Advanced Reader team receive all my new releases for free, and one 1 month before they are released, in return for honest reviews on Amazon. 

Why do I do this? 

Well, to write a book takes a lot of time, effort, and investment. So when a book is launched, I need to make sure it will succeed. One way I can do this is by having early reviews on the day of release, so that other readers can find the book. 

The sad truth is that there are so many authors out there, if a book launch doesn't go well, the books fade out of sight. The result is months of hard work down the drain. 

You might already know that I've invested a lot of time, effort and money into my new Harvey Stone series. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, my best work to date. I want to make them sing. I want them to be seen. And for that, I need readers who enjoy my books to be a part of my team.

So if you enjoy my books and are happy to leave reviews on Amazon, and if you would like to have my new books early and free, then click the button below. I think leaving a review is a small ask for free books and early access, don't you?