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Shame killed his sister. Gangsters buried his past. Now they’ll pay in blood.

Harvey Stone knows the murder business like the back of his hand. He's honed his skills on society's scum, and as the adopted son of a crime boss, he’s had plenty of time to perfect his bloody craft. Now, he’s one hit away from avenging his sister’s brutal murder. All he's missing is the name of her killer—a secret his closest allies are finally ready to reveal. 

To claim his reward, Harvey must eliminate the rival gang and assassinate their ruthless leader while evading a task force set on locking him up. If he pulls off the mission and exacts his revenge, he’ll lay down his bloody weapons for good, but failure will lead to torture, death, and an all-out gang war. 

Stone Cold is the first book in the gripping Stone Cold Thriller series. If you like savage criminal underworlds, fast-paced action, and intense characters, then you’ll love J.D. Weston’s shocking quest for revenge. 

Fans of hard, fast, and brutal action thrillers, if you're looking for a new thriller series like Reacher, Bourne or Milton, then look no further. Start your Stone Cold adventure now.

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They trained him to kill. They buried his past. Now they want him dead.

When the body of a man is found hanging by his neck, it’s down to DI Frank Carver to find the killer. But when he realises the victim is the son of London’s most feared criminal, the rules change.

DI Carver must pull his team of organised crime specialists together to prevent an all-out war that will rock the criminal world and expose Carver’s own corrupt tendencies. But little does he know, he's about to enter a dangerous game of cat and mouse with London's deadliest hitman.

Harvey Stone was pulled into crime as a young boy. He has spent his life perfecting his bloody craft. But the criminal life has taken its toll. Too many good people have died, now his sights are set on retirement. 

But, to break free from crime, Harvey is forced to undertake his toughest assignment yet. He and his partner, Julios, must eliminate a rival gang and assassinate the ruthless crime boss, Terry Thomson.

Set on the outskirts of East London, where the gritty backstreets meet forests and farmland, Carver must unravel the web of corruption and deceit, while Stone fights to survive against all odds.

Can Carver manipulate the rivalling factions to keep the war from revealing his corruption? Or will his crooked ways be the detective’s demise? Can Stone live long enough to break free from the crime world? Or will his violent past bring him to his knees?


Innocent lives are on the line when a name from Harvey’s past reopens unhealed wounds.

After years of killing for the wrong side of the law, Harvey Stone is finally putting his deadly skills to good use. While he’s not undercover with his dark ops organised crime squad, he’s ticking names off his own personal hit-list. His team’s mission to retrieve twelve abducted girls gets personal when Stone realises the ringleader is number one on his list.

But as the team dig deeper, Harvey is horrified to discover that the criminals offer an even more brutal service to satisfy their clients’ darkest desires. 

With time running out, and too many rules slowing him down, Harvey breaks away to bring the criminal mastermind to swift justice. But without backup, one wrong move could end the mission, his quest for revenge, and his life…


A city under a terrorist attack. A child held hostage. Will one ex-hitman’s reckless plan blow them all to hell?

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone cut ties with East London’s criminal underworld, he swore he’d never take orders again. But when a terrorist attack interrupts his team's covert robbery investigation, he is faced with the choice of following his team and stopping the heist or going rogue and crossing another name off his hit list. 

But searching for clues around a high-profile crime scene becomes next to impossible when Stone is framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Determined to clear his name and rescue the young captive, he hatches a risky plan to draw out the terrorists with potentially explosive consequences. If Stone can’t disarm the deadly plot before the fuse runs out, he could trigger a chain reaction that will set the whole city ablaze.


An underworld war. An undercover hitman. When the job gets personal, he’s not leaving without a bloody souvenir.

Ex-hitman Harvey Stone is no stranger to East London’s criminal underground. When two British gangs both declare war on the Albanian mafia, it’s up to Harvey to find out why. Well-versed in the art of shedding blood, he easily passes the gang’s brutal initiation trial. But getting out alive will be the far greater challenge.


After Harvey runs into a powerful figure from his criminal past, his gang members’ suspicions about the real reason for his return start to stir. As his alibi falls to pieces, he scrambles to complete the mission. But first, he’s got some unfinished business that can only be solved with blood.


A mind-blowing masterplan. A deadly betrayal. The enemy is closer than you think.

Harvey Stone plays guardian angel on international soil when two governments prepare to do battle, and the lives of innocent people are at stake.

When Harvey's fiance, Melody, is sent to Dubai on a covert mission to rescue a mother and child from a twisted criminal who is hell bent on seeing a senior member of MI6 commit suicide live on the internet, she soon finds herself at the mercy of the cruel villain.

Luckily, Harvey Stone is not one to sit and watch the world go by, and his moral compass soon guides him to her side. But all is not what it seems in this explosive, action-packed tale of murder, corruption and shocking government espionage. 

Can Harvey free the condemned mother and child, and avert an international disaster. Can he defy all odds and escape alive? And can he find the man responsible and make him pay?


A girl imprisoned. A twisted criminal. Has Harvey Stone met his match?

Ex-Hitman, Harvey Stone yearns for a quiet life. But when a close friend is captured and tortured, and refugees are forced into slavery, Harvey is forced from retirement.

Teased from a life of peace by his unending moral compass, Harvey travels to Athens to do whatever it takes to put a stop to the suffering. But it isn't long before he finds himself in the crosshairs, caught between MI-6 and a deadly group of criminals.

If he fails, the refugees and the people he loves will all face certain death. But to succeed he'll need to overcome his toughest challenge yet. 

Can Harvey put a stop to the human traffickers and save the girls from a torturous death? Can he prevent the gang's devastating plans? And can he survive the treacherous plot to end lives?


A killer runs wild. History repeats itself. An old enemy raises the stakes.

Memories of Harvey Stone's past kills return to haunt his new found freedom. A trail of twisted murders, a web of deceit, and blood-stained dreams cause even Harvey to doubt his own sanity and innocence. But as the body count grows and the past become reality, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Has Harvey gone back to his old murderous ways? Is he destined for a life on the run?

Stone Game is the seventh book in J.D.Weston's Stone Cold Thriller series.

If you like your action hard and fast, with page-turning intensity, you'll love this brutal thriller series.


One pair of priceless diamonds. Two brothers set on unleashing hell. And a Victorian curse that has laid dormant for a hundred years.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone prepares to emerge from a period of laying low, he stumbles into a cruel and twisted plot devised by evil twin brothers to steal two ancient cursed diamonds from London's Natural History Museum. But the deeper Harvey delves into the plot, the more twisted the brothers become, and saving the diamonds becomes an obsession.

Forced to return to the world of crime, Harvey finds himself up against his old teammates and the brothers in a battle for the diamonds. But there can be only one winner.

Can Harvey bring down the evil twins and prevent the curse from spreading? And can he save his closest friends from the violent twins' plans?


An ancient Spanish legacy. A shocking explosion shuts down London. And an ex-hitman is fueled by revenge. 

When ex-hitman, Harvey Stone is asked by an art collector, Smokey the Jew, to kidnap a member of a rival gang and extract details of a heist, little does he know the move will open the doors of hell and endanger everyone he cares for.

But renowned art thief, Dante Dumas will go to any length to find his family legacy, killing anyone who stands in his way. 

Can Harvey survive Dante’s devious plans, and can he find retribution for his lost love?

If you like your action hard and fast, and your characters so real you can reach out and touch them, you will not be disappointed with Stone Deep, the ninth book in the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series. 


Two East London gangs. A brutal fight to the death. And an ex-hitman out for revenge.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone visits London to attend the wedding of one of his closest allies, he plans a visit to the grave of his long-dead mentor, Julios. But little does Harvey know that the trip will uncover a secret that will change his life forever and open doors to Harvey's past that have never before been revealed.

But to forge an allegiance with the blast from Harvey's past he must first deal with a brutal, bare-knuckle boxing match between two rival gangs. If he fails, his history will be wiped from the face of the earth before it's even exposed.

Can Harvey single-handedly overcome two deadly crime bosses. Can he save the last surviving glimpse into his past? And can he make it to the wedding unscathed?


A twisted assassination plot. A deadly super drug.  And Harvey Stone is hell-bent on revenge.

Harvey Stone seeks peace and solitude, choosing to spend Christmas alone in his farmhouse in Southern France. 

But when a missing girl arrives on Harvey's doorstep, a sequence of events unfolds that push the boundaries of human performance to its deadly limits.

Cassius Kane, criminal entrepreneur and his team of scientists have developed a performance-enhancing drug that in the wrong hands could change the course of history forever. 

His dastardly plan to fuel an army of trained killers with the super-drug and assassinate the prime minister soon escalates into an international escapade with dire consequences.

But little do they know, their efforts have woken the beast, and Harvey Stone is out for revenge.

Can Harvey put a stop to Kane's plans? Can he destroy the super-drug forever and prevent the assassination?


One night. One city. One killer.

Retirement doesn't come easy for Harvey Stone. Seeking a quiet corner to enjoy some well-earned peace, Harvey returns to his roots to settle down in London. 

Ex-convict, Lucas Hoffman has a list of every man who ever wronged him and his beloved brother, Herman, and he'll stop at nothing to cross every name on that list.

But for Harvey, he has something extra special planned. 

As the new year celebrations approach and London prepare for the party of the year, a series of poisonous gas bombs put the city on high alert. The public is scared, the police are out in force and Harvey Stone is the man everyone is looking for.

If Harvey succeeds, London will be saved and Hoffman will rot in prison. But failure will lead to death for thousands of innocent people and Harvey will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Can Harvey avoid the manhunt and stop the deadly plot? Or will his name go down history as the killer who brought London to its knees?