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Shame killed his sister. Gangsters buried his past. Now they’ll pay in blood.

Harvey Stone knows the murder business like the back of his hand. He's honed his skills on society's scum, and as the adopted son of a crime boss, he’s had plenty of time to perfect his bloody craft. Now, he’s one hit away from avenging his sister’s brutal murder. All he's missing is the name of her killer—a secret his closest allies are finally ready to reveal. 

To claim his reward, Harvey must eliminate the rival gang and assassinate their ruthless leader while evading a task force set on locking him up. If he pulls off the mission and exacts his revenge, he’ll lay down his bloody weapons for good, but failure will lead to torture, death, and an all-out gang war. 

Stone Cold is the first book in the gripping Stone Cold Thriller series. If you like savage criminal underworlds, fast-paced action, and intense characters, then you’ll love J.D. Weston’s shocking quest for revenge. 

Fans of hard, fast, and brutal action thrillers, if you're looking for a new thriller series like Reacher, Bourne or Milton, then look no further. Start your Stone Cold adventure now.

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The game is death. The winner takes all.

When Harvey Stone is blackmailed with photos of him killing a man, there is only one path he can take - he must leave no loose ends.

But when Harvey finds the blackmailer is a desperate teenage girl with a kidnapped mother and no-one to turn to, the rules change - the game is on.

Find the girl’s kidnapped mother, kill the men who took her, or risk exposure to the world.

Harvey’s freedom is the prize, and the challenge is a daring hunt for the two kidnappers. Can he find the killer inside him? Will he risk everything he has? And can he win a game he wished he had never played?

Set in the back streets of East London, this crime novella is a fast-paced story of suspense, action and mystery, that delves into the complex mind of a killer and the knife-edged balance of right and wrong.

The Killing Game is the opening novella of a brand-new crime series from J.D. Weston, author of The Silent Man series, The Stone Cold Thriller series, and The Frankie Black Files. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child and Michael Connolly.

To find the killer, he must lose his mind…

When a missing girl is found on her parents’ doorstep, she becomes the only survivor in an ongoing serial killer investigation led by DI Matthew Myers. The case will make or break him. The faces of the victims haunt his every waking moment. But now, at last, he has the killer in custody.

However, with harassment charges against him and a lack of substantial evidence, Myers is forced to let the killer walk free – a move that will push him to the very edge of sanity.

Harvey Stone is a man of few words. As the adopted son of a wealthy businessman, his needs are few and his deadly skills are plenty.

But when Harvey’s guard is down and a member of his family is killed, Harvey is given an ultimatum: find the killer, or never return.

With two desperate men seeking the same killer, their paths must surely cross. But following a roller-coaster ride of murder and lies, only one man can prevail. The question is, who has more to lose?

To enter the spider's web, he must become the fly...

When Detective Inspector Mark Debruin sees the killer he's been chasing disappear into the night for the third time, he knew the consequences would be great. But when he is hauled in front of an internal investigator and accused of leaking information to the killer, he is given one final chance to prove himself innocent. 

But in his quest to demonstrate his innocence, he unravels a web of crime so great that nobody is without suspicion, not even his partner, DS Hawes. The further Debruin delves into the web, the higher the stakes become - until the only man who can save him, is the killer he's been hunting.

The Spider's Web is the second book in the brand new Harvey Stone crime series. 

To light the way ahead, he must burn his past...

When Harvey Stone betrays his foster-father, John Cartwright, by failing to carry out one of his bloody requests, a series of events unfold, opening doors to the past that should have remained closed for eternity.

With one last glance at the house where he and sister grew up, Harvey turns his back on the man that raised him to put a stop to the incessant dreams caused by his sister’s death, and satiate his relentless hunger for revenge.

But the dreams do not stop, and he soon finds himself incriminated in a bloodbath, surrounded by police, and with two options - run and live like the rats he hunts, or face his demons and return to the disaster his betrayal has caused.

The Mercy Kill is the third book in the brand-new crime thriller series from J.D. Weston, author of the Stone Cold Thriller series and the Frankie Black Files. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child and Michael Connolly.