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Who Would You Cast For The Stone Cold Thriller Action Series?

When reading action novels, the characters come alive to us in real and vibrant ways. Especially in a series, you invest in personalities like they are real people. They become almost tangible on the page, forming and developing before your eyes.

Action novels are destined for cinema.

Often, you don’t need to imagine their acting role, picturing them easily enough in your own imagination. But it’s fun to consider. Especially in the action thriller genre, so destined for visual interpretation through film.

So, who would play your favourite characters in the Stone Cold thriller series?

John Cartwright

John Cartwright played a fundamental role paving the way for Harvey’s story. Often sitting at his leather-coated wooden desk and sipping a crystal glass of brandy, John oozed calm and powerful confidence. And his sneaky return in later books made him an unforgettable personality.

With Liam Neeson entering his grey years, could he make the perfect fit for John Cartwright? He’s got the gravelly voice and stoic features, not to mention tons of experience acting in thrillers like Taken. Alternatively, you could directly transfer Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges and have a pretty perfect John Cartwright ready to go!

Or maybe more of a wildcard? Hugh Laurie, a comedian in his early years, turned complicated, serious actor, then transformed into a cold-hearted villain for his role in The Night Manager – and nailed it. He has a tall, slim appearance like John and a piercing, silencing stare. Plus, his flawless American voice in House proves he could get John’s iconic London accent on point.

If none of these men, who else could capture the suave, constrained essence of John Cartwright?

Action novel, Stone Rage sees the return of John Cartwright, but who would you cast to play him in a film?

Julios Saville

As his best friend and mentor, Julios carved Harvey into the man he became. His carefully chosen words, precise training and tough love attitude set the scene for Harvey’s future choices. Although the archetypal strong and silent type, Julios is anything but transparent.

Paulo Pires is a great Portuguese actor but might be too blue-eyed and chisel-faced for the muscled, burly role of Julios. He does the silent, brooding look nicely. But it would take more than that to capture the strong, commanding presence of Julios Saville.

Javier Bardem might be Spanish, not Portuguese, but he’s definitely got the big frame and romantic, Mediterranean accent to play Julios. He’s done his fair share in interpretations of action novels like Skyfall and No Country for Old Men. Take away his cheeky grin, and his rugged, complex features would depict Julios brilliantly.

Julios is the main man in Harvey Stone’s life, but what actor could be up for the role?

Denver Cox

Denver has a key role in the early books of the Stone Cold series. He has a rooted connection to Harvey, who respects his driving skills and rebellious edge. A loyal and committed member of the team, Denver is willing to sacrifice it all to get the job done.

The Stone Cold series has a similar fast-paced, spirited and tense attitude to action thriller, Mission Impossible. Perhaps that’s why one of the most obvious choices for Denver seems to be Ving Rhames. His character, Luther Stickell, has the same softness and reliability as Denver along with a bad ass attitude and bulky appearance.

Of course, it’s always amazing to see Iris Elba act in anything. And we know he’s great at action scenes from his role in Luther. But maybe his dominant presence and prominent acting personality would take too much focus in the Stone Cold series. Denver Cox is a bit more down to earth. So maybe a young, up-and-coming actor like John Boyega would be a better fit.

What do you think?

Action novel, Stone Fall, the third Stone Cold Thriller sees unsung hero, Denver Cox take the stage in an epic attempt to save lives.

Reg Tenant

Reg is an integral character in the Stone Cold series, without who, Melody and Harvey would’ve lost their lives multiple times. He feels safest behind a computer yet has unpredictable moments of bravery and activity where he steps up to save his friends. Often spurred on by Melody and Harvey’s reckless energy, Reg can’t deny a hint of danger in his life. And his witty one-liners are always worth a read.

Again, the similarities to Mission Impossible immediately pops up Simon Pegg to mind, who played Benji Dunn in the action thriller series. Or you’ve got someone like Ben Whishaw, who plays the nerd role pretty brilliantly in Spectre.

Paul Rudd, Nicholas Hoult and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are all actors that are growing out of their young, nerdy acting shells and turning towards lead, action roles. Perhaps that could make them the perfect fit for the turbulent life of Reg Tenant, who jumps between mind-blowing hacks and life-threatening experiences.

Either way, it would take a special skill to capture the exceptional personality of Reg Tenant.

Melody Mills

Melody is a bad ass from the beginning. But her character grows ever more complex as the series continues. Her relationship with Harvey brings out an intricacy to her intentions and a deep moral integrity that only adds to her infinitely likeable personality. Her control, focus and skillsets are remarkable. As with Harvey, it’s always fun to read about one of Melody’s wild and unpredictable stunts.

Many actresses have successfully pulled off the powerful, kickass woman role. Cobie Smulders broke her comedic convention by starring alongside Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and fit the job nicely. Or Tatiana Maslany, who shows her infinite action-acting skills in Orphan Black, could play a brilliant Melody.

More classic examples like Angeline Jolie in Salt and Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix also spring to mind. Or maybe an up-and-comer like Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley would be better suited for Melody’s young and fiery character?

It would take a great actress to fill the boots of Melody Mills. Who do you think is up for the role?

Stone Deep, the ninth action novel in the Stone Cold Thriller series is perhaps the wildest ride of the series? Rooftop train fights, explosions in the city and motorbike chases through London keep the pace of this action novel at full speed from start to finish. 

Harvey Stone

Let’s save the best for last. It’s hard to imagine Harvey as anyone but the unique character we read between the pages of the Stone Cold action novels. But this strong, solid character is so very tempting to display on screen. His wild stunts, powerful stares and resilient essence are perfect for cinema.

But what actor could possibly play the iconic and inimitable role of Harvey Stone?

Perhaps Gerard Butler could match Harvey’s strong and silent persona. He has played lead action man in Gamer, Olympus Has Fallen and Tomb Raider, always flawlessly capturing bad ass characters. Joe Manganiello could be another option. He definitely has the ripped physique, dark features and smouldering stare of Harvey. But maybe without the mysterious complexity.

Then again, perhaps these actors are too large for Harvey, who is more skilful and controlled than he is burly. Once again, Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise, seems like a perfect fit. His shorter but muscled frame is an appropriate match, plus his character of Ethan Hunt also holds a cheeky wit that grows in Harvey as the series continues. Cruise’s co-star, Jeremy Renner, could also work. His roles in The Bourne Legacy and The Hurt Locker prove that he thrives in action thriller movies.

Who do you imagine playing the unmatchable character of Harvey Stone?

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