Best Action Novels – Action Scenes to Remember

Epic moments create the best action novels: Harvey Stone’s most epic moments What makes the best action novels? Maybe continuous conflict. Perhaps sudden twists. Or possibly tense moments and sharp suspense. One thing is for sure - whether it’s a car chase through London, commandeering a lorry on an Athens mountain road, spinning motorbike wheels on the banks of the River Thames, heroic last-minute lifesaving or exploding cars in the Dubai desert, the Stone Cold Thriller Series gives us everything. And Harvey is always at the centre of the action. He has countless epic moments, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to a handful.

Stone Cold – Final murder scene “An antique copper bathtub with grotesque, gothic, clawed feet and a rolled edge took centre stage…The water inside that was filled to the brim was beginning to steam.” Our first epic Harvey Stone moment is the murder scene that changes Harvey’s life as he takes eventual revenge on the man who killed his sister. The antique copper bathtub is a key image in the series. It recurs a couple of times, notably in Stone Free and Stone Deep. But Harvey’s first horrific use of the object is in the final scenes of Stone Cold. It’s the first time we see the true extent of Harvey’s abilities. We witness his elaborate torture skills and extraction of confessions from his victims. This epic moment introduces us to the many sadistic but addictive Harvey Stone scenes we love to read, which make Stone Cold one of the best action novels of our time.

Stone Fall – Harvey jumps off Tower Bridge “Harvey wrenched the man close to him and launched them both over the wall, down and out of sight…A few seconds passed, then a muffled explosion shook the water beneath the bridge.” Harvey’s actions are unpredictable even to his closest friends. Many of his epic moments leave us breathlessly shocked at such boldness. You never know what Harvey will do on the next page. And that’s why we love him. But jumping off Tower Bridge in Stone Fall was daring even by Harvey standards. Fair enough, he takes down one of the most evil antagonists of the series in the process. It’s a brave, powerful and heroic move, and definitely epic. The reader is left reeling. Surely two men couldn’t survive such a fall and an underwater explosion? But the surprises keep coming in the final chapters. It’s such suspense that creates the best action novels. And the reader is kept guessing until the final page.

Stone Rush – Harvey VS Ferez "I thought to myself, if I were to take down the great Harvey Stone, where better for the two monsters to collide in a final epic battle than atop the highest peak around, and overlooking my beautiful Athens?" There are countless epic fight scenes in the Harvey Stone series. Harvey VS Adeo in Stone Rage. Harvey VS Glasgow George in Stone Raid. Harvey VS Mackie in Stone Fist. To name a few! They’re always fantastic to read, based on a balance of Harvey’s specific training, abundant experience and natural agility. But Stone Rush offers one of my favourites, thanks to its location. On an old volcanic island beside Athens, we are transported back to Greek mythology as Harvey Stone VS Fernando Ferez is depicted as some kind of epic battle of the gods. Their following fight is full of unprecedented attacks, smart defence and close calls. But against Ferez’s fearless and lethal arrogance, has Harvey finally met his match?

Stone Raid – Harvey tells the guard to sit “The young guard suddenly lost momentum. His death cry waned to a murmur and then petered out to nothing…"Sit," said Harvey. The boy dropped to a cross-legged position on the floor in front of Harvey.” This small, punchy Harvey Stone moment is one of his greatest. It’s epic in its display of complete control and power over people. It captures the brilliant humour of Harvey. His ultra-alpha-male persona makes him able to talk to a guard like a dog, who follows his instructions with childlike obedience. Even without a huge fight scene, Harvey exerts influence over others and proves his ever-dominant personality. The best action novels, like Stone Raid, perfectly capture characters through effective epic moments like this one.

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