British Action Thriller – A Criminal Perspective.

What if somebody asked you to name a British action thriller? You might say Bond, or perhaps one of John Le Carre’s brilliant novels or you might mention one of many other British action thrillers.

The fact is that there are lots, hundreds in fact, and they are enjoyed worldwide. There’s a certain romance associated with British crime thrillers and British action novels, whether its a spy thriller set in the back streets of London or a heavy hitting murder thriller in the deep, dark British countryside; the British flavour of thriller is distinct, as are the grungy gangs of New York or lonely American towns that everybody’s favourite hero, Jack Reacher stumbles into.

Personally, I don’t know the American small town culture well enough to do it justice through my stories. I’m British. I’m from London originally, so when I was searching for a location, it made perfect sense for the series to be set in London. I’m also familiar with the London crime scene of old, it’s an area that has fascinated me for years so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

A Criminal Perspective.

I had an outline of Harvey Stone in my mind; I say outline because he really has come into his own and developed into something far bigger than I ever imagined. So now I needed to set him apart. I love a British Crime Thriller, but did I want to add my books to the list? I also love the vigilante justice stories such as Mark Dawson’s John Milton series, but in my mind Harvey was something else. His perspective is…unique.

Harvey Stone is a criminal. There’s no two ways about it. He’s not a bad guy, in fact he’s morally sound (arguable I know), but he’s a stone cold killer that over the course of the past year has won the hearts of thousands of readers. So with the flavour of London and the perspective of a killer, a new British Action Thriller hero was born.

If he’s a killer, why does my heartbeat increase when he’s in danger?

Does the above question ring true? You’re not alone. Some of my favourite scenes have been the intense action where we’re in danger of losing Harvey, and believe me, those scenes write themselves, I just provide the fingers to tap them out on my keyboard, and when the scene is done, I honestly have to get up and go for a walk.

Every week I receive emails from readers talking about their relationship with Harvey. Some talk about him as if he’s real (which of course he is…in my mind), some are quite passionate about his journey and his relationship with the wonderful Melody Mills. But at the bottom of all the emails, it’s astonishing to see how people connect with him. He’s everyone’s big brother. He’s the guy you’re glad is on your side. If anything happened to him, I’d be totally crushed.

I wish I could share the feeling when I’m immersed in an action scene and I have Harvey hanging on the edge of death and my fingers are tapping away as the story unfolds before my eyes. I wish I could relay the heart rate, the breath holding and the relief when the scene is complete and I step away to get some much needed air.

Gasping and Breath Holding.

Hopefully that realism comes through in the stories. So when you next read one of Harvey’s adventures, think of me, eyes wide, fingers a blur, and my heart rate going like a locomotive.

I liken it to watching an intense movie where the director and actor have somehow managed to capture every morsel of your imagination and concentration and you gasp, hold your breath and well up as the characters develop into someone who can hear, see and feel.

If you enjoy the moments that make you gasp, hold your breath or even well up, you’re going to love Stone Deep. I have a select few of Harvey’s biggest fans on my advanced reader team who read all the Stone Cold Thrillers before they are released and the feedback so far has been incredible.

So What Genre Is it?

Stone Cold, (book one) was originally a crime thriller novel. In Stone Fury we saw a lot more action. We’ve even delved into the psychological thriller genre with Stone Game. But Stone Deep is 100% British Action Thriller. From the first page to the last, it’s a non-stop action-packed, adrenaline fuelled adventure and one I am extremely proud of.

Stone Deep is such a wild ride, when I sat down to begin Stone Fist, book ten, I immediately knew it would be a hard act to follow. But I’m very pleased to say that Stone Fist is now with the editor and is set for release at the end of November.

Time to Sit Back and Breath?

No, of course not. I’m currently writing book eleven of the Stone Cold Thriller series and book two of my new series, The Frankie Black Files. Who is Frankie Black? Well, watch this space and you’ll find out. I’ll be revealing glimpses of him as the weeks go by and he’ll be launched in early 2019. I’d  like to have a few of his stories ready beforehand so that readers don’t have to wait too long for the next one. I cant wait to share his stories with you all…

John Weston.

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