British Crime Fiction Series – The Frankie Black Files

British Crime Fiction Series | The Frankie Black Files

So with just four days to go until the launch of Stone Deep, book nine in the Stone Cold Thriller series, and with Stone Fist (book ten) with the editor, I thought I’d use the break to devote a little time to the new British crime fiction series I’ve been nurturing in the background.

It is a very exciting time. The second book in the Frankie Black Files has started, and boy does it start with a bang!

But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

What’s the Frankie Black Files?

Well, here’s the write up…

“The Frankie Black files is the brand new series from British crime fiction author, J.D.Weston, best known for his hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series featuring the legendary ex-hitman Harvey Stone.

The Frankie Black Files retains J.D.Weston’s gritty and shocking narrative and features Frankie Black, an ex-surveillance operative for the British Special Forces alongside investigative journalist, Penelope Pike.

With a dishonourable discharge from the British military under his belt, Frankie takes his surveillance skills, along with his no-nonsense approach to life, and forges a career in finding people – anybody who needs to be found. By his side is his very faithful partner, Penny, whose talents lie in extracting the truth using every ounce of her magnetic, seductive charm, her wit and her bloodhound-like nose for trouble.

The Frankie Black Files are set to rock the crime fiction world, merging mystery and suspense into a twisted thriller series you wont forget.”

Does that sound like your type of book?

Black Blood.

Black Blood is the first book in the Frankie Black Files. As the series opener it certainly is set to grab your attention and introduce you to Frankie and his ever faithful partner, Penelope Pike.

What’s it all about?

Well, here’s the description…

Who would you choose to live, your father or your son?

And what if it was you who had to pull the trigger?

Frankie Black will never forgive his father Isaac. Not after his dad implicated him in crimes that earned him a dishonourable discharge from British Special Forces. Since Isaac went to prison, Frankie has worked hard to create a new life for his young son. But when Isaac secures an unscrupulous prison release, Frankie’s fatherhood takes a terrifying left turn…

As Isaac aims to finish the gangland assassination that got him sent to prison, Frankie’s child is kidnapped as a pawn in a much bigger war. With the seconds ticking down, the former soldier’s only shot to save his son may mean killing his own father…

Blood Lies is the premiere adventure in a new series of British crime thrillers. If you like non-stop action, gritty heroes, and gut-wrenching choices, then you’ll love J.D. Weston’s full-throttle saga.

Get your copy here.

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