Female Protagonist – The Girl that Tamed Harvey Stone

Female Protagonist – Melody Mills.

The female protagonist that all Stone Cold fans have come to love is named Melody Mills. But who is she and where did she come from?

From Stone Cold to Stone Rage (books 1-4) we get to know her and the team quite well. Melody makes an appearance in Stone Cold, but it isn’t until Stone Fury that she really comes into her own, and to be honest, it wasn’t until I wrote the story that I realised how influential she would be in the series arc.

In Stone Cold we find a nerdy, over-keen agent in a slightly questionable arm of the police force, who demonstrates her desire to rise through the ranks and do whatever it takes to get there. But as the story moves into act 3, we find her not only breaking rules, but leading her team mates, Denver and Reg. Her attitude and personality shine through and in fact the decisions she makes in act 3 of Stone Cold result in the success of the team which lays the foundation for the rest of the series and certainly the next three books.

But she’s nerdy.

yes she is. Our favourite female protagonist has grown beyond how I first envisaged her, as have Harvey and Reg. And although not the central character of the series, Melody, whose name was borrowed from one of my brother’s girlfriends when we were teenagers, experiences her own arc alongside Harvey’s. From geeky nerd, to the leader of a undercover, off the records serious crime squad. But it’s not until the squad is broken up that we see her really grow. A fondness for Harvey emerges which lets face it, after being blown up, drowned, shot at and saved every time by the lovable rogue, Harvey Stone, is going to happen.

Her love for Harvey provides the girl we’ve seen grow from strength to strength with a vulnerability we haven’t seen before. Harvey’s wild antics not only endanger his own life, but they place her in some pretty serious positions too. Positions that only a strong, nerdy and tenacious girl such as Melody Mills can get out of.

They’re perfect for each other.

The arc doesn’t stop there? Our female protagonist, Melody Mills may be nerdy and she may see Harvey through rose tinted glasses, but she’s got one thing over every single other character in the series. She knows him like no other person. And for that reason alone, she can second guess his movements, his actions and she can be there to help him.

So when I set out to design the series, I was understandably focused on Harvey. I had considered a female protagonist to run alongside him, but his story was complex enough. For that reason, Stone Cold is Harvey’s story. It’s the story of him breaking free from a life of crime and it’s the entry into the rest of the stone cold thriller series.

But in Stone Cold, when Melody switches from nerdy career cop, to a girl who’s not afraid to break the rules, she got kinda cool. The more I wrote her, the cooler she got. And the cooler she got, the more integral to the series she became, in an almost cyclical, self-perpetuating style.

So much so, that who knows, maybe one day, sitting beside Harvey on Amazon’s bookshelves, we’ll find a spin-off series featuring a nerdy, yet sexy, smart and influential female protagonist named Melody Mills.

Maybe one day…

As always, please do leave a comment below, let me know if you’d like to see a Stone Cold Thriller spin-off featuring the fabulous female protagonist, Melody Mills.


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