Gangland Britain – Stone Fist

Gangland Britain is once more the scene for the tenth Stone Cold Thriller, Stone Fist. Legendary Harvey Stone is back on home turf but it doesn’t take long for trouble to come sniffing.

With an unexpected introduction to someone from Harvey’s hectic history, plus two of East London’s crime gangs facing off in an underground bare knuckle fight with a difference, Harvey is left with little choice as to which way to turn relying on his moral compass to steer him true and straight…into the centre of a gang war.

Stone Fist was incredible fun to write, blending heart-twisting scenes with gut-wrenching action. If you’ve followed the series from book one, Stone Cold, or if Stone Fist is your first Stone Cold Thriller, you’ll be pulled from pillar to post and you’ll meet some brand new characters that are sure to send your imagination spiralling with their usual dry wit and razor-sharp dialogue.

Back to Basics

I always enjoy taking Harvey on trips around the world. Recalling places I’ve worked, lived or just visited and moulding them into the story gives my imagination a fabric to work off. There are boundaries, limitations and restraints of real places that cannot bend and often that’s what keeps the story on track.

Harvey is real enough in my head now that he makes his own decisions. And just like Harvey, London is ingrained into my brain and my heart. All I have to do is put Harvey in gangland Britain and the scenes come alive.

I lived and worked in London for many years and luckily for me, the narrow, cobbled back streets, the old buildings and the new, and of course the River Thames that cuts through the city like an artery provide ample opportunity for me to colourize the chaos that Harvey creates.

Stone Cold Thrillers is a British crime series. So, despite Harvey’s international adventures in Dubai, Athens, and France, taking him home to London to celebrate the tenth Stone Cold Thriller was a must.

The book also gave me a chance to relive some of my favourite moments from earlier in the series. Creating characters that come to life in my mind with their cockney banter, dry humour and outrageous brutality reminded me of the good old days with John Cartwright and Terry Thomson. It was an absolute blast to write the tenth book and have it set in gangland Britain.

But be Warned…

It’s not all sheepskin jackets and brandy. There are moments that will grab you by your heart strings.

As much as I enjoy writing the epic action scenes and really putting Harvey through his paces, believe it or not I really do enjoy the heart-stopping moments. It’s those time when I realise how much I actually care for the guy and empathise with him and if that’s what you enjoy too, then Stone Fist will not leave you disappointed.

I wish I could say more about it, but I promised no spoilers in these blog posts.

For now, all I can say that Harvey is back. Gangland Britain is alive. And the two meet in an epic bare knuckle fight that threatens to destroy London’s criminal underworld.

Who do you think comes out on top?

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy these posts, please do share them with your friends, maybe they’d like to meet Harvey?

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