Shocking Storyline – Stone Fury

Perhaps one the most shocking storylines of the Stone Cold Thriller series, Stone Fury was written with exactly that in mind; shock and thrill.

Picking up from the tail end of Stone Cold, the story sees Harvey switch sides, coerced by the head of a special ops organised crime unit, Frank Carver, and we immediately see the challenges Harvey faces. Bad guy turned good? Or is it all a masquerade to avoid prison?

No spoilers here…

Aside from a shocking story-line, one thing we do get from Stone Fury is action, lots of action, more so that Stone Cold with explosions, car chases and even a boat chase. Two things happened off the back of this.


Firstly, I realised how much fun it is to write action scenes. To see Harvey pushing himself to the limits and of course the visuals that come with it as the story plays out in our minds.

Secondly, I realised it isn’t just me that enjoys seeing the action scenes. The feedback I received from readers was really quite overwhelming. Naturally I took this feedback and considered it with subsequent books, since then the series has seen helicopter chases, car chases a plenty and of course the series wouldn’t be the same without the fight scenes that Harvey enjoys so much.

But first and foremost I wanted the series to stand out. It needed a shocking storyline. Something that puts one proverbial toe over the proverbial line that authors often tend to avoid. The challenge was to venture over the line (just a little) without offending anybody. To deliver a shocking storyline that really hits home and lets readers know the series is serious, but doesn’t annoy anyone, it is after all entertainment.

New Challenges.

Stone Fury finds Harvey immersed into a team of strangers and faces new challenges. As well as car chases, boat chases and explosions, Harvey must form relationships with his new team.

But his new team are far from the types of people he’s used to dealing with. Melody, the intelligent do-gooder. Reg the tech genius and Denver the world class driver and pilot, all of whom have been fighting for the right side of the law for most of their lives.

So Harvey is the black sheep.

In fact he doesn’t even try to fit in and at the first mention of a name he knows, he’s out, going solo. But in the end, it’s his moral compass that steers him true. Without even being aware of his actions, Harvey ingratiates himself into the team, demonstrating to them that actually there is a space for a man with his talents.

A lifesaving episode with one of his team seals the deal, and once they learn what it is that drives Harvey, they use that knowledge to their advantage.

The Team is Formed.

And so the team is formed, a bond is created between them that only grows stronger as the series develops, which oddly, pushes the three original team members into breaking a few rules, and forces our resident lovable rogue to think like a cop.

It’s a very strange relationship, but the seeds have been sewn and from here on in, they are inseparable.

Next week, I’ll discuss a little about the thought process behind yet another shocking story-line, Stone Fall and the effect the story had on subsequent books. If you have a favourite Stone Cold Thriller, let me know why it’s your favourite.

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