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Vigilante series, The Stone Cold Thriller Series is set for to release the tenth book and it’s a killer read, but how did it become a ten book series?

With just a few more days to go until the launch of Stone Fist, the tenth Stone Cold Thriller, I took the time to go over the series to see how it has developed and which of the stories people seemed to enjoy the most; preparation for the next ten Stone Cold Thrillers.

In the next series of blog posts, I’ll feature each book in turn also explain why I decided to revisit Stone Cold (book one) and spend a few weeks giving it some attention.

Stone Cold – Book 1.

The entry point to what has become one of the most popular vigilante series available on Amazon, has been read by more fifty thousand people since its release in January 2018 and sets the scene for rest of the series. We meet Harvey Stone of course, and as the story unfolds we learn why he is the man he is. Driven by the beast inside him and steered by a moral compass, Harvey’s actions never cease to amaze, but just when we think he’s crossed the line and allowed his criminal side to rear its ugly face, we find justice in his methods, and some dark part of us roots for him. The beast is born.

We also meet the people that will shape the next parts of his life. Frank Carver the man who hunted Harvey down and dragged him with a noose around his neck to the right side of the law. Melody Mills, the girl who finds a way into Harvey’s heart, Reg Tenant, tech genius and of course, Denver Cox the teams driver, pilot and all round solid guy. With only a glimpse into the team dynamic, it’s clear at the end of book one, that they will feature heavily in future stories as well as providing an element of humour that gives the series its balance; it can’t all be gangsters and crime.

The Bad Guys

Criminals come and go in any vigilante series, but in the case of John Cartwright, the man who raised Harvey from a baby and sets him on the path to become the man we all love, we know that it’s not the end. A hardened crime lord, ruthless and drunk with power, opens his heart when Harvey finally flies the roost. Even the most powerful man in East London couldn’t tame the beast, and his story as it unfolds in Stone Cold, is one that is picked up in the two novellas that I give away free to those hardcore Stone Cold fans.

John Cartwright was a very interesting character to write, as was Terry Thomson, the crime lord who opposed him. Both men of power, both wealthy and both severely flawed. No matter how hard I tried to provide some contrast, they both shared similar circumstance, opinions, methodologies; but it was in their actions that they would differ.

I’ve spend the past few weeks rewriting Stone Cold almost from scratch. The second edition has the same story, (I would never change that) but I felt the time was right. During the course of the series, my own writing has evolved dramatically, the cast of Stone Cold now have their own voices and for the sake of continuity, book one received an overhaul to reflect where the series is now.

And it’s a cracker.

I thoroughly enjoyed reliving the story and as I approached each line, adjusting the phrasing a little, I was reminded of why I love this series so much and began to understand why the vigilante series that has become such a big part of my life is so popular.

Harvey Stone.

Thats it. Thats the reason. Sure Melody is fantastic and Reg is great fun, but the emails I receive from enthralled readers speak of Harvey as if he really does exist, as if he lives and breathes and is in the next room, waiting the shadows.

For a book series to have such a profound effect on readers is extremely satisfying for a writer, but for a vigilante series to feature a man, who by all accounts we should be keeping at arms length, that is invited into the conversations of readers is phenomenal.

Thanks you, to everyone who is enjoying the series, and those who have emailed to tell me which parts you have enjoyed. It is your feedback that has shaped the series, and long may it continue.

Next week, I’ll delve into Stone Fury where the fun really begins.

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